Join Me at BIO-Europe Spring Mar. 21 in Barcelona To Talk EU Entrepreneurship

I’ve never been to Barcelona, but they say nice things about the place. Frankly, I don’t know much about biotech startup culture there, but I intend to sponge up as much as I can about tech transfer, company creation, and some of the particular hornet nests that European entrepreneurs have to work through to create value in healthcare.

Regular readers of TR know that I pay a lot of attention to the nexus between academia and industry, and the tech transfer challenges that vary among institutions in the U.S. That’s why I’m excited to learn more about how things work in the EU. I’ll be moderating a panel on this subject at BIO-Europe Spring on Mar. 21 in Barcelona.

See the description of the event below:

Stirring the Entrepreneurial Pot in Europe

Europe is home to many of the biggest pharmaceutical companies and the best academic biomedical researchers. But the US has always been the place with thriving hubs of biotech entrepreneurs, the home for people taking big risk and creating much of the value in healthcare. Quite a few countries aspire to create their own dynamic clusters like Boston and San Francisco, but haven’t pulled it off. What is happening today on the ground in various European hotspots, at the intersection of academia and entrepreneurship? Are seeds being planted today that could change the storyline over the next 5-10 years? Join Luke Timmerman, founder of Timmerman Report, for a lively conversation about the future of biotech entrepreneurship in Europe.

Confirmed panelist:

Alex Mayweg, venture partner, Versant Ventures

Alex Mayweg, venture partner, Versant Ventures

Alex Mayweg, venture partner, Versant Ventures

When I get back from my mountain trip the week of Feb. 21, I plan to do a special report on a handful of European institutions that are doing interesting/creative/ new things vis a vis tech transfer and company creation. I’m curious if certain policy changes or management changes have led to any interesting examples of creative ‘win-win’ deals in recent years. If you have any suggestions of good places to look, make a note to ping me at luke@timmermanreport.com on Feb. 21 or later.

If you’re a European subscriber of Timmerman Report and would like to meet over a beer at BIO-Europe Spring on Mar. 20-22, please let me know. I see a lot of interesting opportunities to learn more, write more, and reach more biotech readers across the pond.

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