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Luke Timmerman looks back on his summit of Mount Everest

Fred Hutch, June. 25, 2018

On May 22, Luke Timmerman was standing on the summit of Mount Everest.

One month later, he was back home in Seattle, sipping a latte at an Eastlake Avenue coffee house, reflecting on what he had done.

Not only had he just climbed the highest mountain in the world, he used his adventure to raise $339,000 through Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Climb to Fight Cancer program. He came home to television interviews and hundreds of supporters in awe of his achievement, grateful for his fundraising prowess and relieved he was safe.

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‘Gasping for air a lot’: Seattle man recounts quest for Everest

KOMO NEWS, June. 2, 2018

SEATTLE – Still wearing the smile he flashed on the summit of Mount Everest, Luke Timmerman recounts his amazing eight-week adventure from his home in Seattle.

Pointing to areas on an oil painting he brought back of the massive mountain, Timmerman said, “Base camp would be down around here, and you’d work your way up to the Khumbu ice fall.”
Timmerman, guided by Alpine Ascents International, set off to reach what’s known as the top of the world: the 29,029-foot summit of Mount Everest.

He came back 10 pounds lighter – and with less hair after asking a Sherpa to lighten his load by cutting off some of his curly locks at 25,000 feet.

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Seattle biotech journalist reaches summit of Mount Everest in bid to raise money for cancer research

Geekwire, May. 22, 2018

Seattle biotech journalist Luke Timmerman reached new heights Tuesday in his efforts to raise awareness for cancer research by successfully summiting Mount Everest.

A series of tweets and photographs showed a spectacular blue-sky day on the world’s highest peak as Timmerman and his group, led by Seattle-based Alpine Ascents, reached the top at 29,029 feet. Guide Ben Jones’s images and reports were shared by the company on social media.

The team included eight climbers, three guides and 10 Sherpa, according to Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Timmerman, sponsored in part by donations from Sanofi and 10X Genomics, spent eight weeks on Everest acclimating to the high altitude in addition to months of training at home in the Seattle area.

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The tipping point on cancer treatment, from research labs to the top of Mount Everest

Geekwire, Mar. 20, 2018

Luke Timmerman started climbing mountains with college buddies when he was in his 20s. He’s climbed Mount Rainier in Washington state (14,400 feet), Alaska’s Denali (20,000 feet) and even Argentina’s Aconcagua, the highest peak outside of Asia at 22,800 feet.

But this spring, Timmerman is setting out on a journey most people only dream of. On March 27, he leaves on a 10-week trip that will take him to the summit of Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world at 29,029 feet. And along the way, he’s raising more than $325,000 for a cause close to his heart: Cancer research.

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Seattle writer raising funds for cancer research trains for Everest climb in unique way

Q13 Fox, Mar. 13, 2018

A local man training to climb Mount Everest has a workout that’s a little more than your typical stairmaster routine. He does it with 80 pounds of granite in his backpack!

Bio-tech journalist Luke Timmerman is in training and has more than $325,000 in pledges to climb the tallest mountain in the world.

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Luke Timmerman to scale Mount Everest for Fred Hutch research

Fred Hutch, Feb. 27, 2018

Seattle writer will head to the top of the world in Climb to Fight Cancer

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Kirkus Reviews listed ‘Hood: Trailblazer of the Genomics Age” as one of the 100 Best Indie Books of 2017.

Kirkus Reviews, Dec. 18, 2017

A debut biography examines a biologist whose DNA sequencing work paved the way for the Human Genome Project.

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David Shaywitz of Forbes listed ‘The Long Run’ as a podcast for health entrepreneurs.

Forbes, Dec. 17, 2017

2017 was a year of transitions, marking the departure of several outstanding health podcasts, such as “Signal” and “Human Proof of Concept,” and the emergence of several others.

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Seattle doctor’s radical idea saves 70,000 people a year

KUOW 94.9, Nov. 13, 2017

There was a time when the cure for leukemia was almost as lethal as the disease. Before bone marrow transplants, patients were treated with arsenic or radiation — and the outlook was often considered hopeless.

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Biotech journalist Luke Timmerman to climb Mount Everest to raise $175k for cancer research

GeekWire, Oct. 26, 2017

Biotech journalist Luke Timmerman spends most of his time reading and writing about medical innovation. But now, he’s doing a lot more: Literally climbing Mount Everest to raise awareness, and cash, for cancer research.

Timmerman teamed up with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to organize a campaign in conjunction with the Climb to Fight Cancer, which launched Thursday. The goal is to raise $175,000 for Fred Hutch’s cancer research efforts before he hits the trail March 27, 2018.

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Going for Mt. Everest: Seattle biotech journalist puts passions together

KOMO News, Oct. 27, 2017

Get a glimpse of Luke Timmerman carrying a backpack up and down the Howe Street Stairs in Seattle and you might guess that he’s a mountain climber in training. You’d be correct.

Back in his office a few blocks away, he shows off the photos that prove it.

“So I always try to find that moment when the sunrise is just coming over the horizon,” said Timmerman.
In one photo, the sun peaks above the summit of Aconcagua, one of the World’s seven summits.

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“But No Question, I’m Going Against the Grain of Consumer Expectations” – Luke Timmerman

Front Line Genomics, July. 25, 2017

Welcome to The Short Read, our weekly peek behind the curtain at the people who make this amazing community tick. Make sure to check back every Tuesday for the latest installment.

Luke Timmerman is an award-winning journalist who has focused on biotechnology for more than a decade. He is the founder and editor of Timmerman Report, a biotech newsletter. Prior to this, he covered biotechnology at The Seattle Times, Xconomy, and Bloomberg News. He was also named one of the 100 most influential people in biotech in 2015 by Scientific American.

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Is There A Pickup Coming For Biotech IPOs?

WBUR 90.9 FM, July. 10, 2017

It’s been a relatively slow year for the U.S. biotech sector. So far, only 16 companies nationwide have gone public since January.

That’s about half as many as during the boom years between 2013 and 2015.

But the last couple of weeks have seen four IPOs, including two here in Massachusetts, for the firms Mersana and Aileron. Both are focused on cancer drugs.

For a look at the dry spell, and what might be driving the possible shift underway, we spoke to Luke Timmerman, founder and editor of the biotech industry newsletter the Timmerman Report.

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The Timmerman Report is putting customer service at the center of its one-man news business

Nieman Lab, Jan. 9, 2017

When it comes to running your own one-person media company, the hardest problems are often the smallest.

In 2015, veteran biotech reporter Luke Timmerman set out on his own to launch The Timmerman Report, a $149-a-year subscription product offering original news and analysis about the biotech industry. The product quickly found its audience: Within ten months, Timmerman had attracted 1,000 subscribers, which he says was evidence that the idea could work in the long term. (Timmerman hasn’t shared an updated subscriber number publicly since.)

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What to expect from biotech in 2017

CNBC, Dec. 28, 2016

David Nelson, Belpointe asset management, and Luke Timmerman, Timmerman Report, forecast 2017 trends in biotech and if the space is something to consider for your portfolio.

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Seattle Genetics aims to put drug on the front line of battling cancer

The Seattle Times, Dec. 17, 2016

Seattle Genetics hides its big ambitions in a modest-looking set of beige Bothell office-park buildings, while some of its cousins in the local biotech world crowd together in the brainy-hood of Seattle’s South Lake Union. But there is nothing modest about this 18-year-old company, which is plowing forward patiently and aims to make a major splash in the cancer-drug market in 2017.

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Is going solo a good idea? These journalists are giving it a try

Poynter, Apr. 11, 2016

Luke Timmerman was about to place a very big bet on himself.

Slightly more than a year ago, the veteran reporter quit his job at a startup and decided to go into business for himself. The business, as it had been for more than a decade, was journalism. But this time, he was the boss. And there was no one else on staff.

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On social media, Martin Shkreli’s arrest draws cheers

CBS News, Dec. 17, 2015

For many social media users, Martin Shkreli’s arrest Thursday on charges of securities fraud is cause for holiday cheer.  Tweets featuring Shkreli’s “perp walk” — wearing a grey hoodie and his hands cuffed behind his back — proliferated, as well as comments such as the one from actress Debra Messing’s succinct “Karmas a bitch” and others giving thanks for an early holiday gift.

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Will Acquiring Allergan Impact Pfizer’s R&D?

Forbes, Nov. 2, 2015

Last week executives at both Pfizer and Allergan acknowledged that they have begun merger talks. Pfizer’s PFE goal in such a move is pretty simple – to finally achieve the tax-saving corporate inversion it has been seeking for some time.

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How a business journalist became his own boss

Talking Biz News, Oct. 21, 2015

Luke Timmerman is the founder and editor of The Timmerman Report, an online website covering the biotechnology industry for $99 a year.  Before starting his own publication nine months ago, Timmerman was national biotechnology editor for Xconomy and national biotechnology reporter for Bloomberg News.

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Roundup: what are the best biotech news sources?

MIT Biotechnology Group, Sep. 25, 2015

Being well informed is critical to keeping your edge in the biotech space. Too many trainees keep their nose to the grindstone and don’t see what’s happening in the news (which, for those working in Kendall, is typically happening right across the street). It doesn’t take too much effort to stay up to date, but finding quality sources in the first place can be difficult. So close your Facebook tab, let your PCR go a few more cycles, and get informed for a few minutes every day.

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The Worldview 100

Scientific American Worldview, June 24, 2015

At just 40 years old, biotechnology is a relatively new industry. Its starting point, arguably, was the 1975 Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA, at which the potential benefits and hazards of DNA manipulation and the ways it should be regulated were debated and essentially decided upon.

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The Emerging Bull Market For Digital Healthcare Journalism

Forbes, Feb. 7, 2015

Last summer, at a time when many traditional publications were downsizing their health footprint, Politico made the bold decision to invest deeply in this area, and hired three strong healthcare journalists (Arthur Allen, Ashley Gold, and David Pittman) to staff a newly-launched eHealth PoliticoPro vertical, increasing the size of the Politico health team to eleven* – two editors and nine* reporters.

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Veteran reporter Luke Timmerman is back – and launching his own biotech news site

MedCityNews, Feb. 3, 2015

Luke Timmerman’s gone rogue.

The veteran life sciences reporter, who left Xconomy last year, is back to day-to-day journalism. Except this time, he’s doing it on his own: Timmerman just launched his own biotech site – The Timmerman Report – with plans to charge readers a modest sum to gain access to his insights.

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Not a Stenographer to Power: Luke Timmerman and the New ‘Timmerman Report’

Mendelspod podcast, Feb. 3, 2015

Just less than a year ago, the national biotech editor at Xconomy, Luke Timmerman, left his post. Yeah, he just left it. Gone was the regular Monday column that helped us all absorb the newest trends in biotech. Gone were the lists of companies to watch out for that made sense even if we weren’t up to date on Luke’s sports analogies. 

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Climbing Solo: Luke Timmerman, KSJ ’06, Launches a Subscription Biotech Report

MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellowships blog, Feb. 3, 2015

It’s a daring career move, considering that some freelancing for Forbes and a book-in-progress about systems biology pioneer Lee Hood are his only other gigs. But Timmerman says he thinks he thinks he can make it work as his main source of income. And as a longtime marathon runner and mountain climber, he’s certainly no stranger to situations that call for endurance.

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Veteran biotech journalist Luke Timmerman launches subscription news site

Geekwire, Feb. 2, 2015

Luke Timmerman, a respected biotechnology journalist known for his past work at The Seattle Times and Xconomy, today launched a new subscription-based biotech news site, The Timmerman Report.

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