What readers are saying

Luke’s insights into the biotech industry are based on a deep knowledge of the evolution of science and innovation, combined with an essential humanism.

Julie Sunderland, Managing Director, Biomatics Capital

If you want to know what happened, you can check stock prices or news feeds. If you want to know who is creating the future of medicine, and why it is going to happen, read Timmerman Report and listen to The Long Run podcast.

Bob More, Managing Director, Alta Partners

Timmerman sets the standard for excellence in biotech journalism.

Thong Le, CEO, Accelerator

There are a lot of writers commenting on the biopharmaceutical industry. Only a few really matter. Luke has proven himself to be one of them.

Richard Pops, Chairman and CEO, Alkermes

Luke has the rare ability to ask just the right questions to get underneath the standard “company line” and provide real insight.

Harlan Robins, co-founder, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Timmerman is always ahead of the game.

Robert T. Nelsen, managing director, ARCH Venture Partners

Biotech social media is easy to obtain, but is a firehose of data, information, and speculation. The savvy professional needs less noise and more actionable signal. Luke Timmerman finds and writes about that signal.

Atul Butte, professor, UCSF

Luke’s ability to blend the implications of science with the exigencies of business creates an idiosyncratic and insightful read.

Vicki Sato, board chair, Denali Therapeutics

Luke Timmerman knows the deep secret of biotech: success requires technology plus people.

Joshua Boger, founder, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

With job interviews a few months away, and my graduate school career winding down, I needed a crash course in the biopharma and healthcare industries. Timmerman Report came to the rescue! Luke’s condensed, opinionated and informed posts about the depth and breadth of the industries allowed me to become quickly conversant and stay updated about this rapidly changing space. I got the job I wanted!

Anasuya Mandal, Consultant, ClearView Healthcare Partners

TR is essential reading at EcoR1 Capital. Luke’s thoughts and insights not only report on the biotech sector but help shape it.

Oleg Nodelman, Founder, Managing Director, EcoR1 Capital

I enjoy the sharp writing and no-bullshit tone in Timmerman Report. This is journalism worth paying for.

Kevin Judice, CEO, DiCE Molecules