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David Shaywitz

David Shaywitz, MD PhD is a contributing writer for Timmerman Report.

Focus: the transformational opportunities and implementation challenges presented by emerging technologies in healthcare, biomedical discovery, and biopharmaceutical development, from NGS and cell therapies to digital biomarkers and the meaningful application of AI. Co-author (with Lisa Suennen): Tech Tonics: Can Passionate Entrepreneurs Heal Healthcare With Technology? (Hyperink Press, 2014).

Background: physician-scientist+management consultant, experience in drug development, strategic and commercial planning, tech+health.

Job: I am the founder of Astounding HealthTech, an advisory firm focused on the intersection of biopharma and health technology. Previously, I was Senior Partner, Takeda Ventures, Inc. (corporate/strategic VC focused on early-stage life science), and retain equity interest in DNAnexus from previous Chief Medical Officer role.

Other: I maintain a relationship with the Department of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School; I am also an Adjunct Scholar, American Enterprise Institute. Twitter: @DShaywitz (broadcast only; I do not engage on the platform). Views=my own, and may not represent the views of any organization with which I’m affiliated. For additional info, please see my personal website here.

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