Join Me and a Biotech Team on the Trek of a Lifetime for Cancer Research

Earlier this year, I led a team of 27 biotech professionals to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

Each of us committed to raise $50,000 for cancer research at Fred Hutch. We ended up raising $1.6 million. We had an amazing time together. We all made it to the top.

I want to do it again.

This time we’re going on a trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, Mar. 19-Apr. 4, 2020.

Today I’m excited to announce this trek of a lifetime (yes, it’s a trek on plain dirt trails — we are not going to summit Everest).

We already have 12 confirmed trekkers preparing to hike to 17,500 feet. I’m looking for 8 more men and women to join us. We can take a maximum of 20 people.

Team goal: $1 million.

If this intrigues you, request an invitation (luke@timmermanreport.com).

Here are the first dozen trekkers:


Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, past a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. (Photo: Luke Timmerman, 2018)


The money is important. But there’s more to these expeditions. They raise awareness of the progress being made in the fight against cancer. They also help build bridges — meaningful relationships — among academic and industry leaders.

Good things happen when smart people with complementary skills work together to benefit patients.

What can you do to help?

  • Join the Everest Base Camp team yourself. This would mean you are in shape to hike up above 17,500 feet. But it would also mean you will personally pledge to raise $50,000 for cancer research from your friends, family, and business contacts. If you are willing to step up for this challenge, request an invitation from me: luke@timmermanreport.com
  • Donate to one of the Everest Base Camp trekkers. These hikers, in many cases, will be pushing themselves at elevations they’ve never reached before. They will appreciate every bit of your encouragement and every dollar you donate. (See donation instructions here).
  • Contribute to my Everest Base Camp trek and my Mt. Vinson Climb. Besides leading this trip to EBC, I’m heading to Mt. Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica, from Dec. 4-21, 2019. This is part of my long-term mission to climb all Seven Summits (the highest peaks on all seven continents). Donors to my Climb to Fight Cancer campaigns will get special reports on this trip to the icy continent, where bone-chilling -20˚F temperatures are normal, and 60 mph winds might rip your tent to shreds. Click ‘Donate’ on the Green button on my personal page.
  • Become a corporate sponsor of Climb to Fight Cancer: Maybe you’re a corporate sponsor who’d like your logo on the banner our team carries to Everest Base Camp? How about team jackets? Or maybe you’d like a patch printed for my Michelin-Man style Antarctica-ready parka? Or you’d like to be recognized for your support at public events for Climb to Fight Cancer? Let’s get creative. See Elizabeth “Za” Martin: eamartin@fredhutch.org.
  • Pick a peak of your dreams, and recruit your friends. Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Mt. Hood, Mt. Shasta, and other great Cascade peaks are all offered through the Climb to Fight Cancer. You could lead your own trip, raise money for cancer research, and bring your friends along. Go to fredhutch.org/climb. Questions: Lisa Carlson ljcarlso@fredhutch.org

I’m excited to do this work.

Our investment in science the past 40 years is paying off. Cancer death rates are starting to come down. The five-year survival rates for cancer patients are inching upward. We’ve seen record numbers of FDA approvals for new drugs in recent years.

We have reasons to be optimistic and continue our support for science.

Thank you for joining me in the fight against cancer.


Yaks on the path to Everest Base Camp. (Photo: Luke Timmerman, 2018)

Climbers, and Sherpa, dancing at Everest Base Camp (17,500 feet).

Staying at a tea house in the village of Namche. (11,300 feet)

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