Software for the Cell & Gene Therapy Wave: Vineti’s Amy DuRoss on The Long Run

Today’s guest on The Long Run is Amy DuRoss.

Amy is the co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Vineti. The company provides software to manage the delicate logistical dance for cell and gene therapies.

Amy DuRoss, co-founder and CEO, Vineti

Vineti has raised about $115 million in three venture rounds of financing. Its backers include Cardinal Health, the big medical distributor, as well as traditional venture firms like Canaan Partners and Section32, plus the big cell therapy players Novartis and Gilead Sciences.

All those people are apparently converging on a challenge of the fast-growing world of cell and gene therapy. With more than 1000 Investigational New Drug Applications on file at the FDA, does it make sense to have 1000 different bespoke software and logistical solutions for cell therapies, or does it make sense to have a standard operating system of sorts to make life easier for investigators, for companies, for regulators, and for payers?

Vineti represents a wager on this field moving to standardized software, and a desire to be the company that sets and delivers on that standard.

This has taken a while to sink in with the biotech industry. Amy described the challenge to me a year ago in this Timmerman Report article, and provided an update in this recent conversation.

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Now, please join me and Amy DuRoss on The Long Run.

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