About Stephanie Barnes

Stephanie Barnes


Stephanie Barnes is Director of Business Development for Timmerman Report. She is passionate about helping good people do good things. Stephanie has an academic background in chemical engineering, bioengineering and life sciences, and training in entrepreneurship and business. She finds that an engineering mind for problem solving and optimization is advantageous when launching a new venture or growing a business. Stephanie has worked collaboratively with a wide range of professionals in Seattle as a Commercialization Associate with Life Science Washington, as the founding Program Manager for WINGS, The Medical Technology Angels, and currently as a Director with Directions on Microsoft, an industry leader for Independent IT Planning and Advisory Services in Kirkland, WA.


For sponsorship opportunities of The Long Run podcast, group subscriptions to Timmerman Report, and for inquiries about Luke’s speaking engagements, contact stephanie [at] timmermanreport.com