The Long Run Podcast: Steve Holtzman on Becoming a Biotech Political Activist

Steve Holtzman is the latest guest on The Long Run podcast.

He’s the president and CEO of Boston-based Decibel Therapeutics, a venture-backed startup developing treatments for hearing loss.

Steve Holtzman, CEO, Decibel Therapeutics

Holtzman has been a familiar figure around biotech for more than 30 years. He has had leadership roles at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, and Biogen.

Little known fact: He was a founder and president of a startup called DNX Corp in the mid-80s. That company attempted to become the first transgenic animal company to make organs for transplant into humans. Since that experience, Holtzman has been steeped in many of the big bioethical debates.

Over the past year, Holtzman has become more outspoken about a wide range of political issues. We’re talking women’s health, racism, immigration, and the need for government funding of basic science. He has mobilized other biotech CEOs to speak out on these issues they have historically avoided.

I asked him why he’s felt compelled to step up his activism. This is a fascinating conversation.

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Now, join me and Steve Holtzman for the next episode of The Long Run.

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