An Open Letter from Female Biotech Leaders on Post-Roe America

Shehnaaz Suliman, CEO, ReCode Therapeutics

[Editor’s Note: this letter was drafted by female biotech leaders in response to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision. It was co-signed by more than 65 female biotech executives as of July 1. They’re listed at the end.]

Friends and colleagues, legislators and elected officials

We join the resounding millions in chorus to express our profound dismay and disappointment at the United States Supreme Court’s decision to strike down and ignore our fundamental rights as women to make personal reproductive health choices and for clinicians to practice evidence-based medicine without fear of reprisal.

Julia Owens, CEO, Ananke Therapeutics

It is a tragic moment in our history to see this blatant disregard for stare decisis and the repudiation of the will of the majority of the populace by the court’s conservative bloc. It negates the ability of medical practitioners that are best suited to provide care to vulnerable, pregnant women. It flagrantly ignores the physical, mental and financial consequences of carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term.

It is notable and discouraging that the decision comes at a time when our democracy bends under the heavy strain of partisanship.

Sheila Gujrathi, former CEO Gossamer Bio; board chair Ventyx Biosciences, ImmPACT Bio, ADARx Pharmaceuticals

By making such a cataclysmic decision, the Court demonstrated that America has become a country focused on special interests of the few rather than the interests of the majority. Whilst our nation was once conceived as a beacon of liberty for all, and an inclusive democracy and protector of fundamental human rights, this Court’s decision forces us to recognize the jolting reality that not all Americans are seen as equal.

Our right to be pregnant or unpregnant is a fundamental personal choice and civil liberty that should be safeguarded constitutionally. We believe in freedom of choice over our own bodies for all – but especially for women, underrepresented minorities, and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Abortion is reproductive healthcare. As doctors, scientists, innovators, caregivers, leaders and allies who are at the forefront of innovation in science and medicine for the benefit of patients and women around the world – we decry and denounce the decision by the Court. 

We will not stand by silently. Our voices rise. We strongly dissent.

Shehnaaz Suliman, MD, MBA, M.Phil.
CEO ReCode Therapeutics

Julia Owens, PhD
CEO Ananke Therapeutics

Sheila Gujrathi, MD
Former CEO Gossamer Bio
Board Chair Ventyx Biosciences, ImmPACT Bio, ADARx Pharmaceuticals

Amy Burroughs
CEO Cleave Therapeutics

Wendye Robbins, MD
CEO Blade Therapeutics

Rene Russo
CEO Xilio Therapeutics

Hilary M Malone, PhD
CEO Certego Therapeutics

Leslie J Williams
CEO hC Bioscience

Rosana Kapeller MD, PhD
CEO ROME Therapeutics

Rekha Hemrajani
CEO Jiya Acquisition Corp.

Julie Anne Smith
ESCAPE Bio, Inc.

Aetna Wun Trombley, Ph.D.
CEO Lycia Therapeutics

Grace E. Colón, Ph.D.
CEO InCarda Therapeutics

Elizabeth Jeffords
CEO Iolyx Therapeutics

Alice Zhang
CEO, Verge Genomics

Angie You, PhD
Former CEO Amunix Pharmaceuticals, Board director Oric Pharmaceuticals and RayzeBio

Joanne D Kotz, PhD
CEO Jnana Therapeutics

Sabrina Martucci Johnson
CEO Daré Bioscience

Nancy Whiting, PharmD
CEO Recludix Pharma

June Lee, MD
Former CEO, Esker Therapeutics
Board Director at Tenaya Therapeutics, GenEdit, Cincor Pharma, Eledon Therapeutics

Kristen Fortney, PhD
CEO BioAge Labs

Yael Weiss MD PhD
CEO, Mahzi Therapeutics

Sevgi Gurkan, MD
Venture Partner, Orbimed

Sarah Boyce
CEO, Avidity Biosciences

Emily Drabant Conley, PhD
CEO Federation Bio
Board Director at Nuvalent, Medrio, and TMRW

Maria Soloveychik, PhD
CEO SyntheX

Kristine Ball
CEO Soteria Biotherapeutics

Samantha Truex
CEO, Upstream Bio

Kate Haviland
CEO Blueprint Medicines

Victoria Richon
Former CEO of Ribon Therapeutics

Ramani Varanasi
Former CEO, X-Biotix Therapeutics
Managing Director, ReVive

Daphne Koller, Ph.D.
CEO and Founder, insitro
Co-founder and former co-CEO, Coursera

Diala Ezzeddine, PhD
Former CEO, Xios Therapeutics

Ivana Liebisch
CEO Vigil Neuroscience

Catherine Stehman-Breen
CEO, Chroma Medicine

Alicia Levey, PhD
COO, Pionyr Immunotherapeutics

Mary Rozenman
CFO/CBO, Insitro

Susan B. Dillon
CEO Aro Biotherapeutics

JeenJoo Kang
CEO Appia Bio

Barbara Troupin, MD
Board Director, Equillium

Lisa Bowers
Former CEO, Rhia Ventures
CCO, Day One Bio

Charlene Liao, PhD
CEO Immune-Onc Therapeutics, Inc.

Sophia Yen, MD, MPH
Pandia Health

Melita Sun Jung
Chief Business Officer, ShouTi

Siobhan Nolan Mangini
President & CFO, NGM Bio

Caryn McDowell
Chief Legal Officer, Cortexyme, Inc.

Lucinda Y. Quan
EVP, CBO & General Counsel, Aligos Therapeutics, Inc.

Suha Jhaveri
CBO and CCO, Leyden Labs

Christy Oliger
Board Director, Sierra Oncology, Reata, Replimune, Karyopharm

Yvonne Linney, PhD
COO Artificial Inc.

Christine O’ Brien
CEO, Tizona Therapeutics

Gisela A. Paulsen
COO, Oncocyte Corporation

Lori Lyons-Williams
CEO, a stealth biotech company

Karen LaRochelle
Venture Capital Advent Life Sci
Artax Biopharma CBO

Jodie Morrison
Venture Partner, Atlas Venture

Katherine Vega Stultz
President and CEO, Ocelot Bio

Katherine Bowdish
CEO , PIC Therapeutics

Patrice Milos
Board Director at 54gene, SeqLL, ProThera Bio

Sylvia McBrinn
Former CEO, Axerion Therapeutics
Director, BioAtla

Sarah Kurz
EVP, Partner Therapeutics

Lisa Iadicicco
Executive Director – WIB

Rosamond Deegan
CEO OMass Therapeutics

Linda Blackerby
CDIO, Informa PLC

Jennifer Petter
Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Arrakis Therapeutics

Nerissa Kreher MD
CMO Entrada Therapeutics

Laura Lande-Diner
CBO Satellite Bio

Donna Higgins
CEO, The Higgins Group

Gail Maderis
CEO Antiva Biosciences

Rhonda Farnum
CBO, Theravance Biopharma

Clarissa Shen,
COO and Board Director, Q Bio

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