Ankit Mahadevia


Comprehensive Policy for Infection: There Has Never Been a Better Time

The suffering from COVID-19 can be measured in multiple, sobering ways: Life expectancy in the US has fallen by a full year, according to the CDC. The economic cost – measured in reduced gross domestic product, premature death, and long-term disability – has been estimated at $16 trillion by economists David Cutler and Larry Summers at Harvard University. This week,...
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Getting Ready for the Next Pandemic With a Comprehensive Response

The progress in developing therapies and vaccines for COVID-19 has been extraordinary, and has received extraordinary attention. But there’s another good news story beginning to emerge, about our widening array of defenses against bacterial infectious disease. On the clinical front in the past month, developers have announced positive Phase III trials in difficult diseases that have been marked with prior...
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Playing the Long Game for Antibiotic R&D

This week’s unveiling of the AMR Action Fund, a $1 billion public/private consortium anchored by 23 pharmaceutical companies to support the development and commercialization of antibiotics, is a welcome development in the fight against antimicrobial resistant infections.   The money is important, but it was very encouraging to see the leadership of major pharmaceutical companies — Pfizer, Merck, and Eli...
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