Chris Garabedian


Remote/Hybrid Work is Here to Stay. Biotech Should Embrace It

There has been much debate about the biotech workplace in the aftermath of pandemic disruptions. Employers and employees are all thinking about how and to what extent companies should enable and support remote-based work. People are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, especially in terms of the effect on productivity and creativity.  This matters in biotech. The goal...
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The Glory of John Martin: an Understated Leader Who Built a Biotech Powerhouse

John C. Martin was an unassuming man with an ordinary name. But his leadership qualities and accomplishments as a biopharma CEO were extraordinary. Martin, the CEO of Foster City, Calif.-based Gilead Sciences from 1996 to 2016, didn’t seek to dominate the room or inspire legions with a charismatic personality. He didn’t make the cover of magazines, even when he led...
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