Karl Simpson


Biotech Companies Acting on Promises to Increase Racial Diversity

First came the pandemic. Then the economic slump. Then the push for racial justice. Taken together, you have three major challenges for business leaders to tackle all at once. Because the pandemic has illuminated many racial inequalities, these issues have become intertwined. In the biopharma sector, many company leaders stepped up. Decisive moves were made to reorganize working patterns to...
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Corporate Leaders Face Pressure from Investors, Regulators to Act on Diversity

Over the summer, when George Floyd’s horrific death and the disparities of the pandemic combined to spur a new national reckoning with systemic racial injustice, many CEOs issued statements. Many insisted they would do more than talk – they’d take action in day-to-day business against structural inequalities. Those loud pronouncements of action are fading fast. The reverberations of their disquietude...
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From Heart to Head, Corporations Can Step Up Against Systemic Racism 

The raw, painful emotions emanating from Minneapolis, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing by police, have prompted millions of people to stand up in defiance of racism and inequality. The passionate reaction is right, and long overdue. George Floyd was just the latest in a terrible list of victims of police brutality. What’s most important is how activists have...
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