See the Photos: Timmerman Report East Coast Launch Party

About nine months ago, I booked plane tickets for the whole family to go to Boston. The plan was to run the Boston Marathon, and maybe do a little sight-seeing.

I didn’t realize at the time it would turn into a business trip. Oh, but it did, and what a great business-and-pleasure trip it was.

After Timmerman Report went live on Feb. 2, I figured it would make sense to have a launch party for subscribers in Boston while in town for the marathon. The party was a smash hit. It drew a diversified group of about 125 people from around the Boston biotech hub. There were CEOs, venture capitalists, heads of R&D and business development, finance people, communications people, postdocs, journalists and scientists. The audience was a close reflection of the reader demographics taking shape at this new subscription publication.

Special thanks go out to Pfizer for graciously hosting this reception at its new building at 610 Main Street in Cambridge. Thanks as well to Kayana Szymczak, who took all the photos. You can click on the thumbnail images below for a larger view.

Thanks to all of you who have subscribed, plan to subscribe, contributed a story tip, or passed along an encouraging word. This has been a wonderful experience. If the TR were a marathon, I’ve just barely crossed the starting line in Hopkinton.