TR’s 7th Anniversary: Thank You

Timmerman Report is 7 years old today.

On Feb. 2, 2015, I rode my bike to the office on a wet Seattle morning and turned on the lights. I thought there was a need for clear, probing, contextual biotech journalism.

It was a leap of faith, like any entrepreneurial venture. I couldn’t have predicted 90 percent of what came next.

Thank you to all of the loyal subscribers who have made this happen.

I’m grateful to have built this platform for editorially independent biotech journalism, and to steward it as a trusted source. TR seeks to understand, to inform, to enlighten, and to challenge readers to think. It’s about exploring the frontiers of science and drug discovery, and thinking through the implications of all this work for society.

That’s not necessarily the formula for getting maximum clicks. Yet the business is thriving with record numbers of individual and group subscriptions. The Long Run podcast, similarly, has attracted an audience that has grown 40 percent year-over-year.

Looking at biotech from unusual angles.

Building Timmerman Report has opened up new avenues for me to give back, to mobilize the biotech community around good causes. My campaigns for the Climb to Fight Cancer at Fred Hutch, and Timmerman Traverse for Life Science Cares have raised more than $3.7 million combined for cancer research and anti-poverty nonprofits since 2017.

Those trips have been deeply meaningful. I’m proud that we, together, have catalyzed so much good work. This work will continue. The impact will grow.

Sometimes we all need to stop and think about what we’re doing, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going.

Thank you. For reading. For listening. For supporting quality journalism. And for doing the day-to-day, bit-by-bit work of improving human health and creating a better world.

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