Out in the Community in 2022

Luke Timmerman, founder & editor, Timmerman Report

TR subscribers: I’m traveling more, and looking forward to seeing more of you in person.

I’ll be at the BIO Convention in San Diego, June 13-15. They have plenty of outdoor patio space overlooking the ocean at the San Diego Convention Center. Let’s chat.

While at BIO meeting people and gathering ideas, I’m also moderating a panel on improving diversity, equity and inclusion.

Time: 1:45-2:45 pm

Date: June 15

Place: Upper Level, Session Room 5A, San Diego Convention Center


  • Michelle McMurry-Heath, president and CEO, BIO
  • Paul Hastings, CEO, Nkarta Therapeutics, chairman of BIO
  • Rob Perez, operating partner, General Atlantic, founder of Life Science Cares
  • Nancy Hong, managing director, RiverVest Venture Partners
  • Luke Timmerman, founder, Timmerman Report (moderator)

Emerging Frontiers in Oncology: I’ll be in Cambridge, Mass. June 30 to moderate at the Emerging Frontiers in Oncology meeting. It’s a half-day forum at the MassBio event center at Technology Square, followed by a networking reception at Catalyst.

Speakers include:

  • Keith Flaherty of MGH, co-founder of Loxo Oncology
  • Judy Lieberman of Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Doug Williams of Codiak Biosciences
  • Marian Nakada of J&J Innovation
  • Rosanna Kapeller of Rome Therapeutics

The event is organized by Uciane Scarlett of MPM Capital, as a fundraiser for the Timmerman Traverse for Life Science Cares. For tickets, ask Uciane (pronounced YOU-shuh-nee) uscarlett@mpmcapital.com.

Timmerman Traverse for Life Science Cares: My team of 20 biotech executives and investors is gearing up for a 20-mile hike of the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of New Hampshire Sept. 11-14. The team goal is on pace to hit the goal of $800,000 to fight poverty in Boston, San Francisco, San Diego and Philadelphia. SVB, SmartLabs and Goodwin are among the top sponsors.

Highlights of the Timmerman Traverse, 2021

This is a phenomenal way to give back to the wider communities where biotech operates, and there will be opportunities to mix and mingle with the stellar members of this team. To see who’s hiking and support someone you know, click here. For sponsorship opportunities, see Emily Stanford at LSC emily@lifesciencecares.org.

Kilimanjaro 2023. One way I seek to build community in biotech is by creating diverse and tight-knit teams for my philanthropic expeditions.

I’m now recruiting a team of 27 people to join me on the next Kilimanjaro Climb to Fight Cancer. It’s scheduled for Feb. 9-20, 2023. The goal is to raise $1.5 million for cancer research. Please let me know if you, or someone you know, might be a good candidate for this group expedition to the highest peak in Africa. I’m seeking biotech entrepreneurs and investors who have a thirst for adventure, are physically fit, and willing to raise a minimum of $50,000 for cancer research.

To request an invitation: luke@timmermanreport.com.