A Life in Autoimmune Drug Discovery: Jo Viney on The Long Run

Today’s guest on The Long Run is Jo Viney.

She is the CEO of Watertown, Mass.-based Seismic Therapeutic. Seismic is working to discover biologic drugs for autoimmune disease. It aims to speed up the process by using machine learning on key aspects – starting with structural biology and including engineering of the protein drugs themselves.

Jo Viney, co-founder, president and CEO, Seismic Therapeutic

Jo has a long track record in this field. She was previously chief scientific officer of Pandion Therapeutics, a startup acquired by Merck for $1.85 billion in February 2021. Before that, she worked at Biogen, Amgen, Immunex and Genentech.

In this conversation, Jo talks about immigrating from the UK, how she found a career path in industry, and some key insights on how she thinks about building a startup with a creative culture.

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Now, please join me and Jo Viney on The Long Run.