From Musician to Tech to Biotech Investor: D.A. Wallach on The Long Run

Today’s guest on The Long Run is D.A. Wallach.

D.A. is the founder and general partner of Time BioVentures.

DA Wallach, founder and general partner, TIME BioVentures

Time BioVentures is a relative newcomer to the biotech world, investing out of a $100 million inaugural fund. The strategy is to invest in companies seeking to make a big impact in therapeutics, diagnostics, research tools, and healthcare delivery models.

D.A. says he seeks out companies with brilliant and driven founders, wants to let them have a meaningful ownership stake in the company, and then help them build great enduring companies. “If they’re successful, you’d want to own them forever,” D.A. told me a few months ago.

One early investment: Cambridge, Mass.-based Beam Therapeutics, the DNA base editing company.

D.A. assembled this fund with co-founder and general partner Tim Wright, a physician scientist with a long track record of developing medicines at Pfizer and then, Novartis.

D.A. finds himself in position to get in on the ground floor of some of biotech’s most exciting startups, after what can only be described as a unique personal journey. He grew up in Wisconsin, went to Harvard, majored in African-American studies there, became a successful musician, toured the world with Lady Gaga, Weezer and Blink 182, went to work for Spotify in the early days of the subscription music platform, and then set out to become an investor. He discovered the biotech revolution and dedicated the next chapter of his career to learning everything he could about how it could transform healthcare for the better.

One key takeaway from listening to D.A.’s story: People come to the biotech industry from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some of the most successful people never stop learning. They have an endless curiosity.

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Now, please join me and D.A. Wallach on The Long Run.

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