Freeing the Biotech Founders: Zach Weinberg and Alexis Borisy on The Long Run

Today there are two guests on The Long Run: Zach Weinberg and Alexis Borisy.

Zach Weinberg, co-founder, CEO, Curie Bio

They are co-founders of Curie.Bio.

Curie is a venture capital fund with $520 million, mostly for seed investments and Series A rounds in biotech startups. It also is also building up in-house R&D expertise which it uses to help the entrepreneurs it backs.

Curie pitches itself as different from other venture firms partly because it allows the CEO/founders it backs to hold onto a greater percentage of ownership than traditional VCs have been willing to hand over. Curie also says it wants to allow entrepreneurs to retain more control over decision-making. This boils down to a battle cry of ‘Free the Founders.’

Alexis Borisy, co-founder, operating chairman, Curie Bio

They are tapping into the zeitgeist. Many biotech entrepreneurs feel they sweat bullets for years, shouldering too much of the hard work and risk, without reaping enough of the rewards.

It’s still early days for Curie Bio, but this is conversation worth having about the terms of engagement in biotech startups.

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Now, please join me and Zach Weinberg and Alexis Borisy on The Long Run.

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