Investing in Healthy Aging: Jens Eckstein on The Long Run

Jens Eckstein is today’s guest on The Long Run.

Jens Eckstein, investment partner, Hevolution Foundation

He’s an investment partner at Hevolution Foundation. It’s a Saudi Arabia-backed fund that supports basic research in healthy aging and invests in startups with partners to translate that science into interventions that help people live healthier, longer lives.

These efforts are sometimes branded as increasing “healthspan” if not necessarily “lifespan.”

Jens is based in Cambridge, Mass. and has had a long career in biotech and venture capital. In this conversation, we discuss how he first got interested in this field about 20 years ago, how the field has evolved, and where some of the opportunities are to help people live healthier and longer lives.

This isn’t all about coming up with some overhyped magic pill – there are a lot of factors at play in aging and diseases of aging. I think listeners will appreciate Jens’ scientifically grounded approach to separate the signal from the noise.

Now please join me and Jens Eckstein on The Long Run.


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