Timmerman Traverse Eclipses $10M for Cancer, Poverty, and Sickle Cell Disease

The Timmerman Traverse campaigns have now catalyzed the biotech community to give back more than $10 million to tackle cancer, poverty, and sickle cell disease.

It’s a moment to celebrate.

These biotech community drives have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

They’ve raised awareness, corralled funds, and stitched together a network of meaningful relationships.  

More than 120 people have become part of the alumni network since these campaigns began in 2017. Another 45 people are currently in training. 

These people have propelled the careers of young cancer researchers with bold ideas. They’ve supported programs to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and attracted a diverse new generation of biotech professionals. They’re pouring resources into a traditionally neglected disease – sickle cell disease.

Through all the mental, physical and emotional heavy lifting required in these campaigns, folks have formed deep and lasting friendships.

Some have started new companies. Spearheaded new initiatives. Opened doors for each other. They’ve discovered new sources of joy and fellowship. Many have become friends for life.

The best part? These Timmerman Traverse campaigns are still in the early days.

Thanks to all who have participated, donated, sponsored, and cheered. Special thanks to the staff at the main beneficiary organizations: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Life Science Cares, Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, and Sickle Forward. And to Eric Murphy and my partners at Alpine Ascents International.

Let’s all keep climbing higher.