Luke Timmerman


EQRx Taps Zeitgeist, Raises $200m For Innovative Drugs at Aggressive Low Prices

Alexis Borisy is smart. As in high IQ. But there’s more to biopharma than that. “As my grandmother used to say, ‘You can be smart, smart, smart…but dumb,’” Borisy said. Some old wisdom is part of what’s driving Cambridge, Mass.-based EQRx. The company, started by the former Third Rock Ventures partner and backed by $200 million of “smart money” in...
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Designer Proteins as Better Therapies: David Baker on The Long Run

Today’s guest on The Long Run is David Baker. David is a biochemistry professor at the University of Washington, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, and the director of The Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington. Just like the name suggests, this institute works on designing proteins with special properties. Sometimes these proteins are designed on computers,...
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12 VCs Who Matter, But You Hardly Ever Read About

This article was first published on November 20, 2017, then revised and updated October 9, 2019 Vinod Khosla, the tech venture capitalist, has said 95 percent of VCs add zero value to a startup other than cash. About four out of every five VCs, he said, actually damage their own investments with bad advice. When asked to apply the Khosla test...
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