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The Caveman’s Guide to Productivity

One TR subscriber already knew about some of my quirks: he and I rode in a van together for 26 hours straight to do the 200-mile Ragnar Reach the Beach Relay in New Hampshire. But when I published last month’s column detailing my Everest training, he wanted to know more. “I study performance pretty carefully, so all these kinds of questions fascinate...
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The Boston Cancer Summit & Seattle Cancer Summit. Two Can’t-Miss Events

Cancer wasn’t that exciting to write about when I started 15 years ago. It is now. Survival rates for several forms of cancer are going in the right direction. Immunotherapy, targeted therapy, new information on genes and proteins that redefine the molecular nature of malignancy? It’s coming together. The science is bursting with creativity, and moving fast. I’m thinking and...
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Socializing After Hours: It’s How Biotech Runs, and Should Be Open to All

Back in the “Mad Men” era, there was the three-martini lunch. When boozy mid-day breaks went out of style, business executives found other ways to grease the wheels of social interaction outside of the office. Like doing deals on the golf course. There are many ways to cultivate the social connections that are a crucial step toward forming trusting relationships...
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