Kilimanjaro Climb to Fight Cancer

February 9-20, 2023

The Climb to Fight Cancer is coming in 2023

From Luke Timmerman, founder & editor, Timmerman Report
I’m taking another biotech team to the highest peak in Africa.

Four years after the first team expedition, the Kilimanjaro Climb to Fight Cancer is back with a new crew of 22 biotech executives and investors. Together, we’re going to push ourselves physically, and raise more than $1 million for research at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center.

The expedition is set for Feb. 9-20, 2023.

Most people on the team don’t know each other, and don’t know what it’s like to hike in the thin air of 19,000 feet. A couple are veterans of previous expeditions. Everyone is training to get ready.

They love nature. They love science. They dislike cancer. They are making a big commitment to others in need, raising at least $50,000 apiece.


The first Kilimanjaro trip in 2019 was a huge success, raising more than $1.5 million for cancer research at Fred Hutch. People on that trip formed lifelong friendships. They open doors for each other.

You can do a couple things to help.

First, go to the Kilimanjaro 2023 team fundraising page on and find a member of the team you want to support. You can click on their name to open their personal fundraising page, and donate. That will help them hit their $50,000 goal. They’ll appreciate it!

Second, if your company is interested in raising awareness of your support for cancer research, ask us about team sponsorship opportunities. See me at and Elizabeth ‘Za’ Martin at

The biotech community has tremendous capacity for scientific genius and human generosity. When we exercise these muscles, we get stronger.

I’m eager to see what this next Kilimanjaro team, with your help, will do to propel science and improve the lives of cancer patients.

The Kilimanjaro 2023 team

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Base Camp Sponsors

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Ge Li & Ning Zhao Family Foundation

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Is the Climb to Fight Cancer/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution and is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Climb to Fight Cancer is an event put on by Fred Hutch, a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Washington, that accepts donations from all 50 states. Our tax ID number is 23-7156071. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Fred Hutch IRS determination letter can be found in your participant center.

Will my donors receive tax receipts?

Yes. All donations made payable to and received by Climb to Fight Cancer/Fred Hutch will receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes. If a donation is not made directly to the Climb to Fight Cancer/Fred Hutch by the donor, Fred Hutch cannot provide a tax acknowledgement.

How can someone donate to my climb?

The easiest way for someone to make a donation to your climb is via credit card directly on your fundraising page. Donors can also give via check (see question about personal checks), cash (see question about donating cash), donor advised funds, wire transfers, stock, and matching gifts. All gifts should indicate that they are for the Climb to Fight Cancer and should include the name of the climber to ensure proper recording to your fundraising page.

For instructions on electronic fund transfers/ACH, stock gifts, or for any questions, please email Kristin Nash at

Who should my donors make personal checks payable to?

Checks should be made payable to “Fred Hutch.” Include “Climb to Fight Cancer” and the name of the climber whom the donation should be applied to in the memo field. Donors should send checks to the address:

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
ATTN: Climb to Fight Cancer
1100 Fairview Ave. N., J5-200
Seattle, WA 98109

Fred Hutch will send a thank you and tax acknowledgement to the name and address appearing on the check.

How long will it take for a donation to appear on my fundraising page?

Gift postings vary depending on the type of donation. All online donations will appear immediately. Donations made through other forms may experience delays in recording for a variety of reasons, including: mail delays, Fred Hutch staff availability, bank processing times, and company match distribution timing.

How are matching gifts credited toward my fundraising goal?

To submit a matching gift, simply ask your company’s human resources or matching gifts representative to submit the paperwork to Fred Hutch. Be sure to note the matching gift is for Climb to Fight Cancer. Once we receive the matching gift, we’ll post it to your fundraising page.

Please note: The time it takes to receive the actual gift can vary depending on your company. Some companies will send the money within a couple of weeks of your request, while others may take longer.

Matching gifts are an easy way to increase your fundraising. Be sure to encourage your donors to submit matching gift requests to leverage your fundraising.

What if someone outside of the United States wants to donate to my climb?

They can donate by credit card on your personal fundraising page and enter the amount in U.S. dollars. Please encourage any overseas friends to donate online instead of by check.