Finding a Path in Biotech VC: The Long Run Podcast With Bob More

Today’s guest on The Long Run is Bob More.

He’s a managing director with Alta Partners, a healthcare-focused venture capital firm. More got started as a young pup in biotech in the 1980s. He moved around between big companies and small companies. He advanced to a couple well-known healthcare VC firms – Domain Associates and Frazier Healthcare Partners. Before joining Alta, he worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on its equity investing strategy, and continues to advise the foundation part-time.

We talked here about some of his formative experiences in biotech, lessons learned, and about some timely areas of investment as we enter a New Year. More has an unusual perspective shaped by this smorgasbord of experiences. He’s a keen observer of people and trends. You may have gotten a glimpse of his thinking on Twitter @Bobmorevc. If you missed it, check his TR guest post from June on “Do’s and Don’ts for Startup Boards.”

Bob More, managing director, Alta Partners

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Now, join me and Bob More for The Long Run.

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