Otello Stampacchia


Miscommunications, Misapplied Policy & Misunderstood Liberty: Why the US Pandemic Response is in Trouble

On April 17 — seemingly a long time ago — I wrote about what steps would have to be taken in order to (cautiously) “reopen” US states from their various lock-downs and stay-at-home advisories. The piece tried to focus on the “how”, versus the “when”. By the early days of May, most states had begun re-opening, and now all 50...
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The Real Question is How to Restart

When?? When can we finally go back to something resembling a “normal” life, go back to work and restart our economies, embrace again long-lost family, friends, co-workers? And, in too many cases, when can we get together to properly mourn those we have lost? I cannot tell you “when.” Everyone wants the answer to that question. I do, too. But...
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8 Days Later: Italy vs. US

The following is an update to my article on March 10, also published on Timmerman Report. The initial article is available (free to read here). Before I begin, I would like to sincerely thank everybody who has reached out with comments / feedback after my first article. Thank you also for the outpouring of well wishes for my family in...
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