COVID-19 Coverage

The Pandemic

Timmerman Report coverage of the pandemic is free to share. TR is an independent publication founded by journalist Luke Timmerman in 2015. It’s for anyone who seeks to understand drug development, diagnostics, genomics, and the technologies changing medicine.

COVID-19 Pandemic Coverage

March 2022

  • SARS-CoV-2: Where Did It Come From, and Where Does It Go Next? Mar. 7. (Mara Aspinall)

February 2022

  • When Does COVID Normalcy Begin? Feb. 24. (Larry Corey)
  • The Omicron Story: The Winter of Our Discontent. Feb. 9. (Larry Corey)

January 2022

  • The Omicron Wave: A Review of the Research on Spread and Severity. Jan. 6. (Mara Aspinall)

December 2021

  • A Doctor’s View From the Front Line of the Omicron Wave. Dec. 30. (Alex Harding)
  • Controlling COVID: Masks, Treatments & Fast, Frequent Testing. Dec. 20. (Mara Aspinall)
  • The Long War. Dec. 15. (Otello Stampacchia)
  • Vaccines Must Produce Antibody and T cell Immunity. Dec. 14. (Harlan Robins)

November 2021

August 2021

  • Vaccination and the Delta Variant: 4 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back. Aug. 16. (Larry Corey)

July 2021

June 2021

  • T-cell Immunity Analysis Wasn’t Practical at Scale Before COVID. Now It Is. June 10. (Chad Robins)

May 2021

  • RT-PCR Tests Have Quantitative Power for COVID-19. Let’s Use It. May 3. (Mara Aspinall)

April 2021

March 2021

  • Flying Blind on the Origin of the Pandemic. Mar. 29. (Ruth Etzioni)
  • AZ Tells Us Vaccine is OK. Rebuilding Trust Will Take a While. Mar. 22. (Luke Timmerman)
  • AZ’s Vaccine Mess. Mar. 16. (Luke Timmerman)
  • One Vaccine Dose or Two? We Need Our Best Defenses. Mar. 14. (Larry Corey)
  • Once Vaccinated, What To Do With Masks? Mar. 10. (Larry Corey)
  • J&J Vaccine: One Dose Delivers Strong Immune Response and Protection. Mar. 3. (Larry Corey)

February 2021

January 2021


  • Listening Through the Noise and Talking to Those Who Will Listen. Dec. 22. (Sam Blackman)
  • Science in the Face of Fear: Vaccine Hesitancy and Public Trust. Dec. 20. (Larry Corey)
  • There Is Light, But It’s a Long Tunnel. Dec. 19. (Otello Stampacchia)
  • A Triumph of the Scientific Enterprise. Dec. 17. (Luke Timmerman)
  • A Grateful Physician Reflects on Getting the Vaccine. Dec. 17. (Amanda Banks Christini)
  • Round 2: What’s Changed, and What Hasn’t in COVID-19 Treatment. Dec. 17. (Alex Harding)
  • The Vaccine Is Coming. Scientists Need to Stay Focused on Equity. Dec. 11. (Michele Andrasik)
  • Pfizer, BioNTech Gets Advisory OK. Now Comes the Hard Work. Dec. 10. (Luke Timmerman)
  • Vaccine Communication: An Opportunity for Biopharma to Lead. Dec. 10. (Kyle Serikawa)
  • Vaccine Trials: A Band of Brothers and Sisters. Dec. 7. (Larry Corey)
  • This COVID-19 Long Hauler is Still Trying to Recover. Dec. 7 (E. Blair Clark-Schoeb)
  • AZ’s Muddy Result. Dec. 3. (Luke Timmerman)
  • Vaccine Scarcity: Buckle Up for Debate. Dec. 1. (Larry Corey)
  • COVID Drives Development of At-Home Diagnostics. Dec. 1. (Frank Vinluan)


  • The Weather Outside is Frightful, and That’s Only the Half of It. Nov. 30. (Lisa Suennen)
  • Why I Volunteered for a Vaccine Trial. Nov. 25. (Mike Huckman)
  • Getting Married in 2020. Nov. 24. (Carolyn Ng)
  • A New Model for Vaccine Communications. Nov. 23. (Mike Kuczkowski)
  • Why Operation Warp Speed Studies Weren’t Limited to Severe Disease. Nov. 20. (Larry Corey)
  • The mRNA Vaccine News is Good. But Let’s Keep the Masks for Now. Nov. 18. (Larry Corey)
  • Pfizer, BioNTech’s Vaccine Watershed. Nov. 12. (Luke Timmerman)



  • COVID-19 Testing Needs to Be Open, Not Closed. Sept. 30. (Alex Dickinson)
  • What We Know and What We Don’t. Sept. 21. (Alex Harding)
  • Moderna & Pfizer Transparency & a Tribute to Bill Gates Sr. Sept. 17. (Luke Timmerman)
  • Industry and Academia Take a Stand for Science. Sept. 10 (Luke Timmerman)
  • FDA and CDC Credibility Tarnished; Pfizer Sprints Ahead With Vaccine. Sept. 3. (Luke Timmerman)




  • Q&A With Regeneron on Neutralizing Antibodies. June 29. (KJ Mulam)
  • How the US is Losing Against the Virus. June 26. (Otello Stampacchia)
  • The Exponential Curves Re-Emerge. June 26. (Luke Timmerman)
  • Inconvenient Truths and Rays of Light. June 11. (Luke Timmerman)
  • Making Drugs at the Edge of Reason. June 10. (Vicki Sato)
  • Anger, Pain and Hope. June 4. (Luke Timmerman)
  • Puretech Focuses on Long-Term Lung Complications in COVID19 Patients. June 2. (KJ Mulam)
  • Dig Deep and Fight Hard Against Injustice. June 1. (Rob Perez)



  • Tracking Viral Outbreaks. Emma Hodcroft on The Long Run. Apr. 30. (Luke Timmerman)
  • Keeping an Academic Lab Afloat. Apr. 28. (Jim Olson)
  • We Didn’t Become the World Biotech Leader By Sealing Ourselves Off. Apr. 28. (Bernat Olle)
  • Capturing Family History, While We Have Time. Apr. 27. (Leora Schiff)
  • How a Gesture Morphed Into a Full-Time Effort to Feed the Frontline. Apr. 27. (Ellen Kuwana)
  • A San Francisco Doctor Answers the Call to NYC. Apr. 25. (Ethan Weiss)
  • A Sad Week of Reckless Leadership. Apr. 24. (Luke Timmerman)
  • Build Back Better. Apr. 22. (David Shaywitz)
  • Massachusetts Biotechs Consider How to Return Safely. Apr. 22. (Adam Thomas)
  • How to Navigate a Blizzard of Antibody Studies. Apr. 21. (Ruth Etzioni)
  • Singapore Forgot to Check Its Blind Spot. Apr. 21. (Carolyn Ng)
  • Cultivating a Tolerance for Adversity in Our Teams. Apr. 20. (Eric Murphy)
  • The Real Question is How to Restart. Apr. 17. (Otello Stampacchia)
  • Walking the Diagnostic and Serologic Testing Tightrope. Apr. 17. (Ruth Etzioni)
  • Hunting for Antibodies: George Scangos on The Long Run. Apr. 17 (Luke Timmerman)
  • Bridging the Social Divide in the Pandemic. Apr. 17. (Dr. Alex Harding)
  • Serology Testing: Keep an Eye Out for Quick-and-Dirty Tests. Apr. 16. (Michael Koeris)
  • Scaling Up Antibodies and Vaccines Won’t Be Easy. Apr. 16. (Jim Thomas)
  • Don’t Waste This Crisis: Solving the Patient Cost-Share Problem. Apr. 15. (Jeff Berkowitz)
  • Drug Repurposing to Keep COVID19 Patients Out of the ICU. Apr. 15. (Robert Plenge)
  • A Healthcare Investor, and Doctor, Peering into the Fog. Apr. 14. (David Sable)
  • The Pandemic Takes a Certain Kind of Toll on African Americans. Apr. 14. (Stephen Graham)
  • Why COVID-19 Can’t Be Compared With Flu. Apr. 14. (Ruth Etzioni)
  • The Testing Fiasco Continues. Apr. 9. (Luke Timmerman)
  • Facing the Consequences of a Misinformation Pandemic. Apr. 8. (Kyle Serikawa)
  • Rationale for Testing Anticoagulants Against COVID19. Apr. 7. (Ethan Weiss)
  • Not All COVID-19 Models Are Created Equal. Apr. 7. (Ruth Etzioni)
  • I’ve Got a Fund Full of Toilet Paper and I’m Ready to Deal. Apr. 6. (Lisa Suennen)
  • Where the Puck is Going: Serologic Testing. Apr. 6 (Michael Koeris)
  • Loss & Grief During Covid19. Apr. 6. (Dr. Katherine Shear, Laurel Mayer & Jeff Lieberman)
  • Diagnostic Dysfunction: Mike Pellini on The Long Run. Apr. 4. (Luke Timmerman)
  • A Baffling Coronavirus Response. Frontpoints. Apr. 2. (Luke Timmerman)
  • A Chance at Redemption for US Healthcare. Apr. 2. (Leora Schiff)
  • Thinking Ahead: Building a Broad Arsenal Against Infectious Disease. Apr. 1. (Ankit Mahadevia)
  • Building on Our Immunology Understanding, Seeing Reasons for Hope. Apr. 1. (Doug Williams)
  • What’s the Real Risk of Death from COVID19? Apr. 1. (Otello Stampacchia)